RG-270BE Intelligent Book Binder
Automatic single clamp book binder, easy and convenient tooperate
Automatic cover feeder, reduce manual operation
Automatic adjustment for changing job,A4-A5 size switchingcould be completed in 10 seconds
Book block thickness could up to 50mm
Suitable for 1-1000 multi-size, small quantity job. Max.Speedup to 500books/hour,working speed more than400books/hour. Automatic creasing and side gluing, bindingquality is good enough to compare with heavy duty binder.
User-friendly operation, high-precision automatic adjustment,energy saving and environmental protection. Best choice fordigital printing job.
Automatic measurement for book thickness, very convenient.



Product Description

The Production Process

Technical Parameters

Binding type (Binding with milling,Binding without milling,and Pad binding)
Quantity of book clamp 1
Book block size Max320×320mm Min135×105mm
Thickness of the book 
Cover size (unfold size)
2-50mm Max320×660mm Min135×230mm
Book cover thickness 
Height of cover pile
82-302gsm Max70mm
Motor speed 
Max.500 cycles per hour3phase380V50HZ,3phase220V60HZ
Total power 9KW
Machine dimension 
Machine weight
2450(L)×910(W)×1545(H)mm 900kg

Ruiguang is continuously seeking for development of ther product. For this reason, Ruiguang reserves the right to supply the mproved product without advance notice



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