TBB50/4D Ellipse Binding Machine
This machine is the economic and environmental mucusbinder developed to replace the straight thread binder inaccordance with real status of domestic & overseasprinting and mucus binding industries. t has 4 bookclamps, can coat the backup mucus twice, cut off frontaland back mucus and make stepless change, thus is themost advanced semiautomatic ellipse binder athome.When works, this machine is offered by manpowerfor book core, milling back, opening groove, back mucuscoating,side mucus coating,cover packing, coverimpressing, finished-product output, till final nice prod-ucts.
This machine adopts multi advanced techniques such as frequencyspeed-regulation control, PID temperature control, photoelectricrecognition control etc.. and a great deal of imported electricelement, which can enhance the dependability greatly. It is conve-nient to operate and adjust, and is perfected by the attached paperscraps suction device and waste-gas exhaust. This machine not onlyuses thread mucus binding, but also not thread mucus binding.thus is the ideal equipment of various medium or small sized print-ing factories.



Product Description

Heavy-duty type:
Major characteristics of double column-guidedtwin-cam upper-sealing mechanism1.
1.Strong wearing resistance 
2.High precision 
3.Great clamp force 
4.Steady top down 
5.Indeformable front and back clamp plates 
At present, it is the most advanced one among theinternational similar machines, and the upper-sealingclamp mechanism has won several national patents.  

The Production Process

Technical Parameters


Binding size
Binding thickness


Binding speed
Power required
Max:1600Books/ Hour
Weight 1600Kg
Dimensions 2800(W)x1200(D)x1200(H)mm

Ruiguang is continuously seeking for development of their products. For this reason, Ruiguang reserves the right to supply the improved product without advance notice.


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