TBT50/10D Ellipse Binding Machine
The cover feeder adopts a vertical structure to ensureaccurate and reliable cover supply. The embossingwheel is provided with the non-stop fine adjustmentfunction. The delivery mechanism adopts a horizontalmode for better protection of book back forming. Thisbinder can used for either thread or perfect binding.so it' s an ideal device for perfect or thread bookbind-ing in various printing house and university printingoffices.
The binder adopts many advanced technologies likespeed control by frequency variation, PLC, two closedloop temperature control, photoelectrical identifica-tion, automatic detection control and touch screen.The whole transmission system adopts the fully-en-closed gear to ensure stable and reliable transmission. The back glue is provided with before/after gluestop function and the adjustment of milling backflute, glue pot and cover feeder is provided withdigital display function.



Product Description

Vertical type stacking mechanism
Covering adopts vertical type stacking structure, with thefunction of digital display for raising and lowering of thepaper bench and the adjustment of covering manner.

Holding and striking mechanism
The holding and striking mechanism is controlled by several cams, ensuring ideal shaping effect, with binding thick-ness up to 2-50mm.


Book-collecting mechanism
Horizontal book-falling of book-collecting mechanismbetter protects the shaping quality of book back; And thestacking mechanism has its stacking height ranging from20~100mm.


Back-gluing pot
Back-gluing pot has the glue-ending function, minimizingthe glue threads.


The electricity is designed according tointernational safety standards,with visualized andstraightforward interface as well as easy operation; Theinterface has a failure display function easy to clean trou-bles and an automatic maintenance & prompt function,ensuring the normal running of the equipment.


The Production Process

Technical Parameters

Maximum size of book

380x265(Single Unit)or 450x153

Minimum size of book
Covering thickness
(Double)(32k thirty-twomo,two-up)165x110mm
Maximum binding speed 4000Books/Hour
Binder number
Total power of machine
Overall dimensions of machine


Ruiguang is continuously seeking for development of their products.For this reason, Ruiguang reserves the ight to supply the improved product without advance notice


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