TBT50/5FD Intelligent fully automatic binding machine
TBT50/5FD Ellipse binding machine is multi functions binding machine withadvanced technology in 21th century. It can paste paper scrip and gauze.And also can be used for sticking big sizes cover in the meantime or usealone.The interchange between EVA and PUR is very fast This machine adopted a computer operation system, a mill chamberconstruction, side rubber wheel, indentation wheel, book-wrapping table,cover size adjuster, auto computer setter. As a result it can finish all theprocesses in one minute. It is controlled by a frequency controller and PLC. Itis assembled with photoelectric cells, auto tester and touch screen displayer.There is digital display function in the glue breaking function back and forth,mill back, glue breaking glue pot and covering adjustment in gluing in theback. The press track wheel has micro adjustment functions constantly, andthe book acceptance structure is level method and protects the book backforming in better way.This machine not only uses lock line gluing packaging.but also unwiring gluing packaging, which is the deal equipment for theunwiring gluing packaging and wiring packaging in the printing factories ofwide-range universities.



Product Description

This machine is offered the book core by manpower,and au-tomatically finishes 10 procedures below:
1、Book clamp automatic control
2、Milling and notching (Automatic control)
3、Back mucus coating;(Gluing pot automatic adjust)
4、Side mucus coating;(Automatic Adjust)
5、Cover and book core compossing;(Automatic adjust)
6、Cover impressing;(Automatic adjust)
7、Cover packing;(Automatic adjust)
8、Finshed-product output;(Automatic adjust)
9、Book spine pressing;
10、Cooling, till final nice products.

The Production Process

Heavy-duty type:
1.Major characteristics of double column-guided twin-cam upper-sealing mechanism1.Strong wearing resistance
2.High precision
3.Great clamp force4.Steady top down
5.Indeformable front and back clamp plates
At present, it is the most advanced one among the international similar machines,and the upper-sealing clamp mechanism has won several national patents.

EVA Gluing system

Sticking Back Paper System(Option)

PUR Gluing System(Option)

PUR Gluing Device(Option)


Technical Parameters

Binding size
Binding thickness
Binding speed
Power required
Weight 2300Kg
Dimensions 3700x1420 x1250mm



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