TBT50/5FE Intelligent fully automatic binding machine
The TBT50/5FE full intelligent book binding machine is the 21st centuryhigh -tech multifunctional book binding machine. This machine uses the PLC motion controller system to quickly adjust the opening size of theclamp, milling back cover, side glue wheel, creasing wheel, clip of thebook table, adjustment of the cover specifications size, and adjustmentof the book collecting channel size. The thickness of the book core isautomatically measured, and the automatic input data can be changedin one minute. Variable frequency speed control, PLC motion controller,optical position recognition, automatic detection alarm, touch screenand other advanced technologies. The back glue station has a back-to-rear gel function, and the creasing wheel. Automatically publishedbooks and piles books, and one person operation is really implemented.This machine sticker back system and PUR upper glue system (option-al). hot melt glue (EVA) and (PUR) glue system swap fast interface, aswell as large cover and back strips can be used alone.
The vertical book is used to use a butterfly vertical direct book. whichbetter protects the backing of the book. This machine can be used forboth sewing book or gluing book. The ideal equipment for both sewingbook or gluing book which is also the best binding equipment for thegraphic digital inkjet



Product Description

This machine is offered the book core by manpower and au-tomatically finishes 10 procedures below:
1.Book clamp automatic control 
2.Milling and notching (Automatic control) 
3.Back mucus coating(Gluing pot automatic adjust) 
4.Side mucus coating;(Automatic Adjust) 
5.Cover and book core compossing;(Automatic adjust) 
6.Cover impressing:(Automatic adjust)
7.Cover packing:(Automatic adjust)
8.Finshed-product output;(Automatic adjust)
9.Book spine pressing;
10.Cooling, till final nice products


Heavy-duty type:

Major characteristics of double column-guided twin-cam upper-sealing mechanism
1.Strong wearing resistance
2.High precision
3.Great clamp force
4.Steady top down
5.Indeformable front and back clamp plates
At present, it is the most advanced one among the international similar machines and the upper-sealing clamp mechanism has won several national patents.


The Production Process

Technical Parameters


Binding size Max : 450X308mm Min : 140X105mm
Binding thickness 2-50mm
Binding speed Max : 2100Books/ Hour
Power required 14Kw
Weight 2200Kg
Dimensions 4390x2130 x1350mm


Ruiguang is continuously seeking for development of their products.For this reason,Ruiguang reerves the right to supply the improved product without advance notice.




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