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This machine is provided with a plurality of advanced technologies such as variable-frequency speed control, PLC programmable controller, double closed-loop temperature control, photoelectric recognition control, automatic detection control and touch screen. The whole driving system is provided with fully-enclosed gears for stable and reliable driving. The back adhesive applying is intermittent. The regulation to raking, adhesive stop, adhesive pot and cover applying is in digital display.  
It is equipped with a vertical structure for ensuring accurate and reliable cover applying, the creasing roller has the trimming function without shutdown, and the book collector mechanism is flat, well protecting the formation of book back. This machine can be used for saddle stitching and perfect binding, and is an ideal perfect binding and covering machine or saddle stitching and covering machine for various medium and small-sized printing factories or college printing factories.
Technical Parameter

Maximum size of book 380*365mm(Single unit)
Minimum size of book 165*110mm
Covering thickness 2-50mm
Maxmun binding speed 4000Books/Hous
Binder number 10
Total power of machine 13.5Kw
Weight 4500Kg
Dimensions 4900*1920*1490mm
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