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RXJD450/15D adhesive binding production line is independently developed and designed by introduction of new concept and advanced technologies at home and abroad for reference according to demands of domestic customers, and is composed of a roller collating machine and an automatic waste discharge mechanism, a TBT50-15D adhesive binding and covering machine and a book output mechanism. It integrates the advantages of adhesive binding production line and traditional adhesive binding machine, can finish the page collating, cover applying, and adhesive binding in one time. It is an ideal automatic binding device for medium-sized printing and binding enterprises.
The adhesive binding production line is provided with a digital display for regulation of side adhesive applying roller, raking and covering applying, making the regulation convenient and accurate. It is equipped with a vertical structure for cover applying, the creasing roller has the trimming function without shutdown, and the book collector mechanism is flat, well protecting the formation of book back. The production line has the functions of thickness measurement, page lacking and page surplus detection, and automatic waste discharge, stable and reliable performance, and the maximum speed is 4500pcs/h. The whole driving system is provided with fully-enclosed gears to drive, with high driving precision, reliability and stability. The production line is designed by international safety standards, and makes full use of advanced technologies of variable-frequency speed governing motor, PLC programmable controller, photoelectric controller, touch screen and the like.
Main Technical Parameter:
Roller Collating Machine
Roller collating machine collates three pages as one unit, and is optional by demands.
Detection Device
Thickness detection device is used for detection to several pages and wrong pages, and some principled errors. The page missing detector can detect pages missed, and the waste discharge is accurate.
Hand Feeding Function
When the collated pages are more than the set number, the hand feeding function is available.
Vertical Stacking Structure
It is used for covers, and the lifting of paper table and regulation to specification of covers are in digital display.
Support and Forming Mechanism
It is controlled by a plurality of cams, ensuring the ideal formation effect. The binding thickness is 2-50mm.
Book Collector Mechanism
It can fall books horizontally, well protects the formation quality of book back. It is further provided with a stacking mechanism which is capable of regulating the stacking interval at 20-100mm.
Back Adhesive Pot
It has the function of intermittent supply, minimizing the adhesive silks.
Electric Mechanism
It is designed by international safety standard, with direct-viewing and easy interface and simple operation; the interface has the fault display function which is convenient for elimination of faults, as well as automatic maintenance and prompt function for ensuring the normal operation of equipment. 
Technical Parameter

Book size(b) 380*265mm(Single unit)
Book size(a) 165*110mm
Binding thickness 2-50mm
Maxxmum machine speed 4500Books/Hous
Bookends number 15
Total machine power 30Kw
Weight 9000Kg
Dimensions 22000*3000*1280mm
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