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TBB50/4D PUR Ellipse Adhesive Binding and Covering Machine
This machine is an economic and eco-friendly adhesive binding and covering machine in the 21st century, and an updated linear covering machine by combining our actual conditions in domestic and overseas printing industries. The machine is provided with four book holders, and the functions of two-time cover applying, dual adhesive control and nonpolar variable speed. It is the most advanced semiautomatic ellipse covering machine in China.
By manual feeding of book blocks, the machine can produce exquisite products by steps of raking, grooving, side adhesive applying, cover applying, creasing and output of finished products.
This machine is provided with a plurality of advanced technologies such as variable-frequency speed control, PID temperature control, and photoelectric recognition control. As being equipped with imported electric parts and pneumatic parts, the reliability of machine is greatly improved, the operation is simple and the regulation is convenient. The machine is more impeccable as being equipped with a scrap paper collector additionally. This machine can be used for saddle stitching and perfect binding, and is an ideal perfect binding and covering machine or saddle stitching and covering machine for various medium and small-sized printing factories or binding factories.
Heavy Type: Main characteristics of double-column guide double-cam covering mechanism:
1.Strong wear resistance
2.High precision
3.Large clamping force
4.Stable jack-up and descending
5.Non deformation of front and back clamp plates
Technical Parameter

Binding size Max:450*390mm
Binding thickness 2-50mm
Binding speed Max:1600Books/Hous
Power required 9Kw
Weight 1600Kg
Dimensions 2800*1200*1200mm
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