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YS-600 hard-cover spine adhesive applicator is used to apply and dry adhesive between book blocks, pages and spines, and is suitable for binding of 210*285mm to 780*1080mm. It is composed of a feeding mechanism, an adhesive applying mechanism, a drying groove, a book falling mechanism, an output conveyor and an electric control device. The conveyor can convey the sewed book blocks and book backs to the feeding mechanism adown, the book blocks and book backs are clamped by the clamp plates to feed into the adhesive applying mechanism, the adhesive applying roller and the brush roller can apply adhesive along the book backs, the book blocks are fed intermittently, the drying box under the book backs can blow hot air to dry the book back at eighty percent, thereby the adhesive applying and drying process is finished, then books are transmitted for output.
Technical Parameter

Maximum size of  bookblock 430*320*70
Minimum size of  bookblock 125*100*6mm
Machine speed 3000Book/Hous
Power 9Kw
Weight 2000Kg
Dimensions 6500*580*1050mm
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