Adhesive Binding Line


RXJ0450/15D Adhesive Binding Line

RXJD450/15D Adhesive Binding Line is self-developed and self-designed basedon the requirements from domestic customers by introducing entirely new ideasand learning from foreign advanced technologies. It is composed of roller sheetcollator, automatic waste-discharge mechanism, TBT50-15D Adhesive Binding &Covering Machine and book-outgoing mechanism, integrating the advantages ofboth adhesive binding line and traditional adhesive binding machine, t can complete sheet collating, book covering and glue binding in one lump, and is ideaautomatic binding equipment for medium-sized printing and binding enterprises.
Digital display is used for the adjustment of side gluing wheel, miling and covering of this binding line, making theadjustment convenient and accurate; its covering adopts vertical structure, the indentation wheel has the function offine tuning without stopping, and the horizontal book-collecting mechanism better protects book back shaping. This linehas functions of detecting thickness, missing sheets and excessive sheets as well as automatic waste discharge & elim.inating, with reliable and stable performance and maximum speed up to 4500 copies/hour. The whole driving systemadopts totally enclosed gear drive, ensuring high precision and stable driving. Additionally, this binding line is designedaccording to international safety standards and employs advanced technologles including frequency conversion motor.PLC programmable controller, photoelectric controller, touch screen operation and so on.

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